Professional Certification

The Nurse Scholars Academy encourages Kaiser Permanente nurses
to become nationally certified within their area of specialty. Nationally
certified registered nurses report greater job satisfaction, validation of
clinical knowledge, and access to broader career opportunities.

Reimbursement for National Certification

National certification reimbursement is available to registered nurses
in Northern California through a variety of programs. Reimbursement
varies based on eligibility, but frequently covers the entire cost of

Northern California National Certification Document

Online Certification Prep Courses

Registered nurses in pursuit of advancing their clinical knowledge may
have access to certification preparation courses located online in
KP HealthStream. These 32+ courses cover a wide variety of popular
national certifications, including CCRN, CNOR, RN-NIC, and many
more. Access to these courses is available 24/7 so that working
registered nurses can study at a time most convenient to their
busy schedules.

KP HealthStream