Tips on self care and building resilience

Professional Practice and Caring Science

In Northern California, Dr. Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring, commonly referred to as Caring Science, informs our nurse’s professional practice. Caring Science connects the nurse, patient, family and members of the healthcare team by engaging in authentic caring human relationships, honoring the very humanity of the patient and family. This intentional transformative connection is where healing and well-being takes place for both the patient and the care provider. Nurses grow from experiencing transpersonal caring moments within these relationships to transform their practice from knowing and doing, to being and becoming the caring healing environment. Providing nursing care from this ethical foundation connects us to our professional practice commitment to deliver high quality safe patient care that positively influences the patient’s healing care experience.


HeartMath is an evidence-based program, grounded in the concepts of Caring Science. It is a resilience program with tools to help lower stress, build energy, and develop enhanced coping skills. The HeartMath tools combine breathing and emotional self-regulation techniques that positively influence heart rate variability and behaviors to help people modify their responses in the moment and over periods of time. More than mindfulness practices, the activation of heart and mind also has benefits of improving mood, calmness, sleep, and increasing intuition and communications skills. Here is one HeartMath technique that can be done in any given moment:

The Quick Coherence® technique

Step 1
Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual. Suggestion: Inhale 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds (or whatever rhythm is comfortable).

Step 2
Make a sincere attempt to experience a regenerative feeling such as appreciation, compassion or care for someone or something in your life. Suggestion: Try to re-experience the feeling you have for someone you love, a pet, a special place, an accomplishment, etc. or focus on a feeling of calm or ease.