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I am interested in the Bachelor’s degree program for RN’s. Can you give me more information?

  • Yes! Thank you for your interest in the Kaiser Permanente Nurse Scholars Academy! The Academy is collaborating with Samuel Merritt University to offer an RN-BSN program designed for Kaiser Permanente nurses.
  • Samuel Merritt University offers a specialized curriculum developed collaboratively with Kaiser Permanente that reflects our theoretical foundations in Caring Science and commitments to enhanced quality and safety for our members.
  • The Samuel Merritt University RN-BSN program website has information about the program, eligibility, admission requirements, timelines, financial aid and scholarships:

What is the program like?

  • Courses are designed to promote teamwork among nurses with different learning styles and will include online and in-person interactions with a peer cohort.
  • This is a year-round program that takes place over 5 consecutive semesters. Students enroll in 6-7 units per semester (32 credits total).
  • Students can expect to complete this program in 21 months.
  • Typically, students will meet in person for one 4-hour session each week at a Samuel Merritt University campus or near a Kaiser Permanente facility. One Saturday intensive is scheduled each term.
  • Information on practicum requirements is available on Samuel Merritt University’s website:

Where are classes located?

  • The locations for classes are generally at Samuel Merritt University’s Oakland, Sacramento, San Mateo and Fresno campuses.
  • Future cohorts may also be located directly on KP campuses in areas that do not have an SMU campus.
  • SMU campus locations may be found at this link:

When does the program start?

Who can apply?

  • Any RN with an associate degree who wishes to obtain a baccalaureate degree in nursing may apply to the program.
  • RN graduates from diploma programs may also be considered.

Are there other admission requirements?

Does Samuel Merritt University offer financial aid or scholarships?

  • Yes! Scholarships up to 75% and financial aid solutions are available to qualified applicants through Samuel Merritt University.
  • You can find out more by going to this Samuel Merritt University link:

Does Kaiser Permanente provide any tuition assistance for this program?

KP employees may be eligible for tuition reimbursement benefits through MyHR.

Does Kaiser Permanente provide any discounts for programs other than the RN-BSN program?

KP employees may be eligible for employee discounts (e.g. computers) through MyHR.

  • Visit MyHR (accessible to KP employees only) and click on “Employee Discount” under the “Benefits, Pay & Employment” section.

Who do I contact for more information about the Nurse Scholars Academy?

To connect with resources in the KP Nurse Scholars Academy, please send your inquiries to

Who do I contact for more information about the Samuel Merritt University RN to BSN program?

For additional questions, contact Samuel Merritt University at

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