NCAL’s Leadership Development Programs are designed to support business strategies and the diversity of our NCAL Leaders.

Focusing on core leadership skills and transformational experiences, we amplify the effectiveness of leaders in their current role and prepare them for expanded and next level roles.

What programs are available?

Middle Management Program (MMP)

  • The MMP is offered four times/year with approximately 50 participants/program
  • Two of the programs are dedicated to high-performing Assistant Nurse Managers/ANMs

Advanced Management Program (AMP)

  • AMP is offered once a year in June/July by Learning and Development consultants and coaches in partnership with WolfCreek Partners.

Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP)

  • Mix of classroom and online learning
  • Experience/Exposure opportunities
  • Cohort Leadership Development sessions
  • Next steps for ongoing development

Leadership Diversity Development Program (LDDP)

  • The program started with a 12-month Pilot in 2007.
  • There have been 7 LDDP Cohorts since the Pilot, each one lasting 18 months. They began in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and the current one in 2017.
  • Current (2017) Cohort will graduate in October, 2018. The next LDDP will launch in 2019.
  • The Promotion rate for all LDDP graduates is 69% as of 12/01/2017; most graduates are promoted within 18 months of graduation or less.

How do I apply?

NCAL’s Leadership Development Programs are designed to be accessed through the talent management process. Nominations for most programs are identified at the beginning of each calendar year, and participants who are selected to attend are notified by their manager.

Next Steps

Visit the Learning and Development website and review the program qualifications and additional details. If you are interested in attending a program, contact your manager and discuss opportunities to participate. Your manager can advance your name to the talent council for talent calibration and selection for a Learning and Development program.