National Certification participants

The Kaiser Permanente Scholars Academy offers pathways to professional certification for all eligible nurses.

Why is certification important?


  • Validates the highest level of professional competency
  • Demonstrates clinical excellence to all entrusted to our care
  • Inspires peers and others to achieve their personal best through certification
  • Expresses an ethical-moral commitment to lifelong learning
  • Offers a sense of professional pride and achievement
  • Supports professionalism and career mobility
  • Enhances safe and highly reliable care
  • Advances personal growth through membership and engagement in professional organizations

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Kaiser Permanente Scholars Academy is offering 1600+ pre-paid certification vouchers to eligible RNs.

Act today to claim your certification voucher and avoid unnecessary out of pocket expenses.

(Please note that support is limited to 1 voucher per person.)

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  • All Northern California Kaiser Permanente nurses (full-time or part-time)
  • You must confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements of the specialty certification that you are applying for.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Choose certification

Step 2: Verify eligibility

(Please click the links in the table to learn about available certification options)

Step 3: Your Certification Begins Here!

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Additional Financial Resources

Represented nurses are eligible to have approved national certifications reimbursed. Nurses are able to submit eligible exam expenses related to certification for reimbursement per the collective bargaining agreement between Kaiser Permanente and the California Nurses Association. Please speak with your manager for more information.

In addition, nurses may use their National Tuition Reimbursement benefit to take certification preparation courses that provide continuing education units. This includes up to $500 in travel related to attending the preparation course.

The Northern California National Tuition Reimbursement Policy was updated in 2019 to cover eligible professional certification and re-certification fees for national certifications not required by your position.

This benefit enables all Northern California employees to seek professional certification and request reimbursement upon successful passing of a national certification exam.

Please contact National Tuition Reimbursement directly for any questions related to eligibility and reimbursement.

Learn more about National Tuition Reimbursement

Live Certification Review Courses

For a limited time, Kaiser Northern California will offer live review courses to help nurses prepare for their certification exam. Review courses will be held at various locations and will cover a wide range of nursing certifications.

We are working on an alternative strategy for review courses due to limitations on large group gatherings. Please check the table below  frequently for updates. 
Event TitleRegistration InformationDate
Event TitleRegistration InformationDate
Event TitleRegistration InformationDate
Inpatient OB Review Recorded Webinar SeriesRegister Now!
For more details click here
Starts 8/3/2020
Maternal & Newborn ReviewCheck back soonTBD
NICU ReviewCheck back soonTBD

KP HealthStream Certification Review Courses

KP Registered nurses in pursuit of advancing their clinical knowledge also have access to certification review courses in KP HealthStream, at no cost.

  • 32+ courses cover a wide variety of popular national certifications, including CCRN, CNOR, RN-NIC, and many more
  • Access to these courses is available 24/7 so that nurses can study at a time most convenient to their busy schedules

Connect With Us

If you have a recommendation for certification that is not listed or would like to speak with someone about this program, please connect with us through our contact form. We always appreciate your input.