Genevieve Wright

This opportunity has changed me as a nurse, leader, and advocate for health care in and outside of our organization.

Genevieve Wright graduated from the Executive Leadership Doctor of Nursing Practice program at the University of San Francisco in Fall 2018.

Genevieve is currently a Clinical Manager in an outpatient OB/GYN practice in Walnut Creek. During her time as a Nurse Scholar, she was a Maternal Child Health Director at San Leandro medical center.

How has this degree program affected your professional growth and leadership?

The ELNDP program has been an amazing experience. The program has opened my mind and commitment to nursing and healthcare from my work and work environment to the importance of a larger national and global perspective. Going forward I will be a stronger leader with a new view and knowledge from which to lead. While it’s been a challenge this opportunity has changed me as a nurse, leader, and advocate for healthcare in and outside of our organization.

How has this degree program impacted your personal life?

Personal life? LOL. At this point I am in the throes of finishing the program and I have been very fortunate to have the full support of my family and friends. Without that loving support I could not have been successful. The changes in me are part of my fabric now and impact my views at work and at home.

What “words of wisdom” would you like to share with potential scholars interested in advancing their education through a Nurse Scholars Academy program?

Regardless of the program, whether you pay or KP pays, it takes a full commitment from you, your family and friends, and your employer. While you are accomplishing this goal be kind and loving to yourself and make sure you give the time you will need to be successful. If you aren’t a planner time to sharpen that skill!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Nurse Scholars Academy?

Thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart for this opportunity and gift. I will be forever filled with gratitude. Know that this gift will continue to give back to KP. While I am no longer in KFH I will continue to benefit the organization from where I lead always.