Rachel Mathison

Don’t hesitate; simply take the leap. The Nurse Scholars academy will enrich both your personal and professional life.

Rachel Mathison graduated from the Nurse Scholars Academy RN to BSN program at Samuel Merritt in Spring 2018.

Rachel is currently an Assistant Nurse Manager at Oakland Medical Center and was a Staff Nurse during her time in the RN to BSN program.

Please describe how your project has continued, or how it has continued to make an impact on your unit post-graduation.

The developmental committee incorporated safe sleep into their goal. In collaborated with this committee, they took ownership of safe sleep since developmental positioning was Found to be a barrier to safe sleep.

How has this degree program affected your professional growth and leadership?

I had never considered management until the program. I became an ANM before graduation. It inspired me to pursue a master’s in nursing health policy at UCSF. I begin this fall!

How has this degree program impacted your personal life?

The MBSR has helped both at work and in my personal life towards helping me not internalize stress. The program also improved my communication skills and increased my emotional intelligence. I no longer internalize other people’s negative feedback (for the most part).

Have you received any promotions or additional responsibilities during this program or since graduating from this program?

I was offered the Interim Manager role within a month of graduation. The NICU Manager role at Oakland requires a master’s degree, so I was not eligible for the position and did not want to apply for various reasons. However, it has been a huge learning experience and has widened my healthcare perspective by leaps and bounds. I also was promoted to ANM prior to graduation.

What “words of wisdom” would you like to share with potential scholars interested in advancing their education through a Nurse Scholars Academy program?

Don’t hesitate; simply take the leap. The Nurse Scholars academy will enrich both your personal and professional life. It has the potential to create opportunities you had never considered before.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Nurse Scholars Academy?

I would like to thank everyone responsible for creating these opportunities for growth and leadership in nursing. I continue to benefit from the program as I enter my next adventure as a future UCSF graduate with a master’s in nursing health policy. Thank you all.