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Are interns able to work 12-hour shifts?

  • No, interns are only allowed to work for a total of 8 hours per day for a total of 40 hours a week. They can be assigned to a nurse working 12-hour shifts, but will have to leave after working 8 hours.

Can interns work overtime?

  • No, interns cannot work any overtime hours.

Are interns evaluated by their supervising nurse?

  • Yes, interns are evaluated on their performance at midpoint and endpoint of internship.

Are interns considered Kaiser Permanente employees?

  • Yes, interns complete the Kaiser Permanente hiring process and are hired as Kaiser Permanente employees prior to beginning the internship program. As interns they are members of the United Healthcare West Union.

Are interns part of the union?

  • Yes, all interns are required to join United Healthcare West (UHW) and pay monthly dues for their term of employment as interns (non-negotiable).

What if a unit wants to hire an intern?

  • It is encouraged for our medical centers to hire their interns if they are a good fit. Some medical centers hire their interns as techs until they graduate and become a RN.

Once hired, are interns in the time keeping system or do they do manual timecards?

  • Interns should be integrated into the timekeeping system. Sometimes medical centers need to work directly with their timekeepers to integrate interns into the timekeeping system the same as any employee if it does not happen automatically.

How is it determined what medical centers have interns and how many?

  • Placements are determined based on intern requests for specific location and specialty interest, as well as medical center intern requests.

Can interns float to other areas than assigned for unique learning opportunities?

  • Yes, if these opportunities are approved by their hiring manager and manager of float areas. It is encouraged for interns to have the highest quality learning experience as designed by their hiring manager and/or supervising nurse to best meet the goals of the intern/medical center.

How is it determined if interns are qualified for assigned placement?

  • Assigned faculty select interns for program based on competency level. Faculty work with interns as needed to make sure they are prepared to perform skills on unit assigned.
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