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Program Description

The Executive Leadership Doctor of Nursing Practice or ELDNP is the highest level of academic preparation for nursing practice. It provides nurses with the necessary tools and skills to translate nursing research into practice, improve care systems, and measure outcomes of patient groups, populations, and communities. The ELDNP curriculum integrates coursework with practice immersion experiences, preparing scholars to become leaders in bringing evidence-based knowledge into clinical practice. These projects will enhance health care outcomes and strengthen nursing management and education. Sponsorship for the ELDNP program is offered by the Kaiser Permanente Nurse Scholars Academy and is provided academically by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). The sponsorship for the ELDNP program is offered by invitation only. If you are interested, please reach out to your nurse leadership for more information.


  • Candidates must meet these three requirements:
    1. Must be a Northern California KFH/HP non-represented, benefited (20+ hours) registered nurse leader.
    2. Must have completed at least 90 days as a regular KP employee.
    3. Must meet the UCSF School of Nursing requirements for admission into the program.

What are other recommendations for me to continue to grow my professional practice at Kaiser Permanente?

  • Respond to calls for abstracts or posters from relevant conferences.
  • Obtain national certification in the employee’s area of specialty.
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