Kaiser Permanente Leadership University (KPLU) is a consistent and structured approach to developing leaders at all levels of our organization. KPLU will support leaders to manage their teams and execute on KP’s strategic objectives in a way that eliminates unwarranted variation in leadership practices and leads to more consistent results and engagement.

The KPLU NCAL website is the primary resource for leaders and managers to find development opportunities. You will also be able to access Leadership Development and Learning tools, resources and local area/region-wide courses.

What programs are available?

Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP)

ELDP is a leadership development program for Northern California individual contributors (ICs) who have aspiration or interest in management roles at Kaiser Permanente.

Navigate: New Manager (available to all new managers)
Navigate: New Manager is an engaging 90-day journey, created to welcome and on-board every new manager enabling them to become more productive sooner, establish connections with others, and enhance the culture of Kaiser Permanente. Check out the KPLU NCAL Navigate trailer.

Activate: Frontline Leader (by nomination/selection)
Activate: Frontline Leader is a seven-month leadership development cohort experience for KFH/HP managers. The program is designed to strengthen your managerial and leadership skills through application-based learning and facilitated discussions with your local and regional peers.

Elevate Diversity in Leadership Program (by nomination/selection)
Elevate Diversity in Leadership Program is a seven-month leadership development program for KFH/HP managers and other leaders who have interest in and potential for expanded leadership and impact at Kaiser Permanente. The content is tailored to diverse populations and enables them to unleash their potential.

How do I apply?

Go to KP Leadership University NCAL website for details. Some programs are by a nomination and selection process. Additional self enrolled courses and learning resources are also available. For any question contact Leadership Development and Learning.

Next Steps

Visit the KP Leadership University NCAL website and review the program qualifications and additional details. If you are interested in attending a program, contact your manager and discuss opportunities to participate. Your manager can advance your name to the talent council for talent calibration and selection for a Leadership Development program.