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About the Executive program for nurse executives

    I am interested in the Executive program for nurse executives. Can you give me more information?

    • Sponsorship for the Executive program for nurse executives is offered by the Kaiser Permanente Nurse Scholars Academy and is provided at selected universities with selected accredited degree programs, as approved by the Nurse Scholars Academy Selection Committee and regional Chief Nurse Executive (e.g. Duke University Doctor of Nursing Practice).

    How long is the Executive program available?

    • The sponsorship for the Executive program is offered by invitation only and is only available at the time of offering. If you were not specifically invited to participate in this program, then this FAQ is not for you.
    • Tuition assistance may change in any calendar year as funds allow from the Nurse Scholars Academy.

    Once I am approved for the Executive program sponsorship, what are my obligations?

    • The applicant will be requested to complete and submit a Letter of Agreement with the Nurse Scholars Academy as part of the NSA application process.
    • Continue to maintain the original KP employee Executive program eligibility requirements.
    • Applicants must be an NCAL Kaiser Foundation Hospital employee to be eligible for this program and remain a KFH employee during the program. Employees who transfer to a different region or entity will no longer be eligible for the program.
    • Maintain “successful” or higher annual performance rating.
    • Maintain good standing as defined by the academic institution
    • Participate in Nurse Scholars Academy benchmarking surveys if requested.a
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