Important Message

Northern California Kaiser Facilities have resumed all AHA training courses. Courses are being conducted under CDC recommended PPE guidelines. Students are required to bring their own mask and writing utensil. Gloves will be available.

To view a list of available classes by facility click here.

UPDATE 9/18/20:

Required Next Steps:

  • You must complete the online HeartCode module and print the certificate to present to the training center if enrolled in a hands-on class. See below for hands-on skills practice and testing requirements.
  • KP staff whose conditions of employment include these AHA cards cannot work without a valid card (no exceptions).
  • A valid card is one that is provided by an AHA certified training center. American Red Cross cards do not meet compliance requirements. Employees may work with a valid card in-hand but must submit to HR for official record.
  • The appropriate skills check-off must be completed in-person and validated by an AHA certified instructor.

For Employees:

If you have a life support certification card that is expired, but you have an extension OR if your card is expiring:

  1. You may register for your HeartCode module(s) (i.e. BLS, ACLS, PALS) by emailing Carrie Waters directly or work with your manager and DCEPI/ DONCP/ED Educator.
    • Your name, NUID, Facility and requested module(s) is required at the time of registration.
  2. Once registered, use the instructions in this document to access the HeartCode modules assigned to you.
  3. Complete the review course and print out the certificate as instructed.
  4. Sign up for the appropriate HeartCode hands-on skills class through NCTI:
  5. Present your completed card to your manager immediately for it to be recorded and validated in HR TRACS.

For Managers:

To Register for HeartCode Module(s):

Email Carrie Waters the following information for each employee that needs to be re-certified: Employee name, NUID, Type of re-certification requested (BLS, ACLS, PALS).


  • Confirm that MyOrg is current and accurately reflects your direct reports.
  • Submit Cards of Completion daily to HR (i.e. BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, TNCC, etc.) for validation and updates.

Note: The subject will need to include the naming convention as follows: Facility – LNAME, FNAME – EID, LCRC TYPE.

  • Escalate any barriers or issues to your local leadership.

Upcoming NCTI Classes


All classes (except PEARS) from 9/21-10/31 require completion of a HeartCode module(s) prior to attending class.

Expand the table below to view a list of available classes for the month of September.

September 21, 2020Redwood CityACLS HeartCodeLink
September 21, 2020CampbellACLS HeartCodeLink
September 21, 2020ModestoACLS HeartCodeLink
September 22, 2020Redwood CityACLS HeartCode Link
September 22, 2020RosevilleACLS HeartCode Link
September 22, 2020San FranciscoACLS HeartCode Link
September 22, 2020Walnut CreekACLS HeartCode Link
September 22, 2020FresnoACLS HeartCode Link
September 23, 2020CampbellACLS HeartCode Link
September 23, 2020South SacramentoACLS HeartCode Link
September 23, 2020South SacramentoACLS HeartCode Link
September 24, 2020FresnoACLS HeartCode Link
September 24, 2020Redwood CityACLS HeartCode Link
September 24, 2020San JoseACLS HeartCode Link
September 25, 2020CampbellACLS HeartCode Link
September 25, 2020ModestoACLS HeartCode Link
September 25, 2020OaklandACLS HeartCode Link
September 25, 2020South SacramentoACLS HeartCode Link
September 28, 2020Union CityACLS HeartCode Link
September 28, 2020CampbellACLS HeartCode Link
September 29, 2020RosevilleACLS HeartCode Link
September 29, 2020Garfield CenterACLS HeartCode Link
September 29, 2020Redwood CityACLS HeartCode Link
September 30, 2020Santa RosaACLS HeartCodeLink
September 30, 2020Walnut CreekACLS HeartCodeLink
September 30, 2020AntiochACLS HeartCodeLink
September 21, 2020FresnoBLS HeartCodeLink
September 21, 2020San JoseBLS HeartCodeLink
September 22, 2020ModestoBLS HeartCodeLink
September 22, 2020FresnoBLS HeartCodeLink
September 22, 2020MilpitasBLS HeartCodeLink
September 22, 2020Redwood CityBLS HeartCodeLink
September 23, 2020Garfield CenterBLS HeartCodeLink
September 23, 2020South SacramentoBLS HeartCodeLink
September 24, 2020Walnut CreekBLS HeartCodeLink
September 24, 2020CampbellBLS HeartCodeLink
September 24, 2020AntiochBLS HeartCodeLink
September 24, 2020Redwood CityBLS HeartCodeLink
September 25, 2020VacavilleBLS HeartCodeLink
September 25, 2020Garfield CenterBLS HeartCodeLink
September 28, 2020CampbellBLS HeartCodeLink
September 28, 2020Redwood CityBLS HeartCodeLink
September 28, 2020AntiochBLS HeartCodeLink
September 28, 2020San JoseBLS HeartCodeLink
September 29, 2020Santa RosaBLS HeartCodeLink
September 29, 2020Daily CityBLS HeartCodeLink
September 29, 2020South San FranciscoBLS HeartCodeLink
September 29, 2020MantecaBLS HeartCodeLink
September 30, 2020CampbellBLS HeartCodeLink
September 30, 2020RosevilleBLS HeartCodeLink
September 22, 2020Garfield CenterPALS HeartCodeLink
September 22, 2020Redwood CityPALS HeartCodeLink
September 23, 2020CampbellPALS HeartCodeLink
September 24, 2020Redwood CityPALS HeartCodeLink
September 28, 2020Santa RosaPALS HeartCodeLink
September 29, 2020San FranciscoPALS HeartCodeLink
September 30, 2020Union CityPALS HeartCodeLink

For a full list of available classes please visit

Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences is offering BLS Skills Testing and Validation at no cost to KP employees. 

Available timeframes listed below. To schedule an appointment:

  • Email Tammy Arnold and include the following in your email:
    • Your name
    • NUID
    • The desired date and time for your appointment
    • Please note: You must print and bring your heart code certificate with you for skills testing.

For questions, contact Tammy Arnold, Program Director, Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences

Location: Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences
938 Marina Way South Richmond, CA 94804

September 21, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
September 22, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
September 23, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
September 24, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
September 25, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
September 28, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
September 29, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
September 30, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
October 1, 20209:00am - 4:30pm
October 2, 20209:00am - 4:30pm

Additional Resources For Staff

Your Primary Contacts for Registration and Support:

  • HeartCode Registration: Carrie Waters
  • NCTI class locations and scheduling questions:
    • Visit the Kaiser Employees Continuing Education NCTI Portal for a list of available classes across the region.
    • Consult with your local DCEPI or DONCP for questions/needs regarding local class options.
    • Escalate to Regional PCS for help with additional classes as needed: Luis Perez, (510) 368-8448
  • Issues and questions regarding AHA certification card submissions: