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Can you provide some general information about Kaiser Permanente?

Kaiser Permanente is an integrated delivery system headquartered in Oakland, California, with more than 12 million members, 39 hospitals, 68,218 nurses, and 23,982 physicians. It is the largest integrated delivery system in the United States.

The company is composed of three different organizations: a health plan, hospitals and clinics, and the medical groups. There are eight regions in the system: Northern California, Southern California, the Northwest, Washington State, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, and the Mid-Atlantic States.

Northern California has more than 4 million members, 21 hospitals, and 269 medical office buildings.

What is the Kaiser Permanente nursing professional practice model?

Our residency program is built to support our nursing professional practice model.

In 2010, we adopted our current Kaiser Permanente nursing professional practice model to unite the voice of nursing and provide a framework for how care is delivered.

The model supports consistent nursing practice across the care continuum and the organization. It guides our nurses as they provide high-quality care, collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, and contribute to the discipline of nursing.

Learn more, visit KP Nursing Professional Practice Model

What is the Kaiser Permanente nursing competency model?

Kaiser Permanente’s nursing competency model represents the professional and foundational domains and their relationship to patient-focused care. The five foundational competencies — ethics, leadership, communication, technology enabled care, and professionalism — are at the base of the framework. Each foundational competency supports, influences, and is a part of each professional competency. We believe every nurse comes to Kaiser Permanente with some element of each of these foundational competencies.

The residency program builds upon the foundational nursing competencies found in the nursing competency model. Residents advance their professional role through our competency-based program. The professional competencies — resource utilization, collaborative care, quality and safety, informatics, research, and evidence-based practice — are those which are specific to the development of advanced competency and expertise in nursing.

What are the application and start dates for the cohorts?

Once available, we will always post the current application and start date on our website. Please do not email us regarding dates.  

How long is the commitment for this program?

The overall commitment is 12 months.

What is a resident?

Nurse residents have no prior inpatient (acute-care) work experience as a registered nurse and have graduated from a BRN accredited RN program with an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing. The Nurse Residency Program is a 12-month transition to practice program that will support new graduate nurses as they transition to competent nurse professionals.

What clinical tracks are available?

All residents will be trained in our inpatient Medical Surgical and Telemetry units. We plan to offer limited Specialty RN training in areas such as ICU, L&D and OR to residents in the future.

What is my schedule like during the program?

You will work 72+ hours per pay period during the program. Although your training will primarily consist of clinical practice, you will also attend seminars and participate in simulations to enhance learnings from the clinical environment. Your shift, days of the week, and time will vary, depending on many factors related to your training. Once you complete the orientation portion of the program, you will begin working your contracted shift and schedule.

Will I work 8- or 12-hour shifts as a resident?

This will depend on the medical center (hospital) and your preceptor’s schedule. Residents will work day, evening, or night shifts.

What are the eligibility requirements of the residency program?

  • Active, unencumbered, California RN license (pending licensure and interim permits are not accepted)
  • Completion of an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in nursing (in-progress acceptable for entry-level master’s degree students)
  • No prior inpatient (acute-care) work experience as a registered nurse
  • Not currently in another residency program

Can I apply without my nursing license?

Yes. We ask that you have a scheduled NCLEX date at time of application. You must have an active nursing license from the California Board of Registered Nursing at time of interviews. Interim permits and out-of-state nursing licenses are not accepted.

I am in an entry-level master’s program and have not completed my degree yet. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. You are eligible to apply to the Nurse Residency Program.  Please be sure to clearly state in your resume or cover letter when your degree will be obtained.

If I am a current KP employee, do I receive preference over others?

Our system does prioritize KP employees, but we will be reviewing all applicants.

Do you prioritize applicants with a BSN or MSN over applicants with an ADN?

No, we will be reviewing all applicants and looking at each applicant holistically.

How do I apply for a residency position?

Visit and search for the job code found on our residency website in the “Enter Keyword” box. We will post the job code on this residency website along with the dates that applications will be accepted.

What is the KP candidate “My Profile?”

Create an account on our jobs website (KP Jobs) and complete “My Profile.” This is where you will upload your contact information, educational history, work experience, and any relevant documents (e.g. resume, letters of recommendation, licenses, etc.).

Are cover letters, letters of recommendation or references required for application?

No, we do not require these documents. However, we encourage applicants to submit any documents that tell us why you are a great fit for our program and how you stand out from others. We are looking for energetic and passionate nurses that have a desire to provide patient-centered care.

Can you provide more detail around the interview presentation?

We will provide detailed instructions if you are selected for an interview.

I was not accepted into the current cohort; can I apply to future cohorts?


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