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Together We Rise: 2024 Florence Stroud Black History Month Conference Series

Florence Stroud Conference Series Together We Rise

The recent Bay Area Black Nurses Association Conference, themed “Together We Rise.” Shared heartfelt insights in the collective journey towards an equitable and inclusive future in healthcare. This virtual event was a vibrant platform for professionals committed to dismantling racism in nursing and fostering health equity. It was a movement towards creating a healthcare system that champions equity and inclusiveness for all.

Conference Insights:

  • Racism in Nursing: Engaging discussion highlighted the urgency of addressing racism within the profession.
  • Health Equity: Insightful sessions explored policies and strategies to advance health equity.
  • Inclusivity in Healthcare: The event showcased methods to build a more inclusive and respectful healthcare environment.

Keynote Highlights:

  • Dr. Katie Boston-Leary shared transformative strategies to fight racism in nursing, emphasizing the importance of allyship, justice, advocacy, and fostering an inclusive environment.
  • Johnnie (Chip) Allen discussed the systemic challenges to community health and offered actionable strategies to overcome health disparities during his “State of Health Equity Fireside Chat.”

Watch the Conference video:

The conference video is now available for those who missed the live event or wish to revisit the powerful discussions. It’s an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals to gain valuable insights and inspiration to drive positive change in their communities and workplaces.

Let’s continue to rise together, advocating for a healthcare system where equity, diversity, and inclusion are not just goals but realities. If you want to become a BABNA member, please refer to the Bay Area Black Nurses Association INC website. OR email

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