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Illumination Speaker Series Playback – 2024 Recordings Now Available

Nurses Week 2024

Welcome to our Illuminations Speaker Series for Nurses Week 2024, themed “Leading with Purpose.”

This year, our series uniquely converged on the transformative power of leadership in nursing, addressing pivotal aspects from academic progression and Magnet principles to equity, inclusion, and evidence-based practices. Drs. Janet Sohal and Rayne Soriano guided us through integrating these elements to enhance nursing excellence and leadership. Following them, Dr. Katie Boston-Leary delved into how fostering equity, inclusion, and diversity can build stronger leadership and nursing environments. Dr. Ifeoma Nnaji discussed the integration of evidence-based practices with innovative strategies to lead nursing forward. Concluding our series, Dr. Jim D’Alfonso explored Caring Science as a pathway to purposeful leadership, ensuring our approaches not only meet but exceed the standards of patient care and professional development. Join us as we explore these critical topics, designed to empower our nursing professionals to lead with intention and insight.

2024 Illumination Speaker Series Host

Rayne Soriano PhD, RN, NE-BC
Regional Director, Professional Excellence & The KP Scholars Academy
NCAL Regional Patient Care Services

Session 1

Drs. Janet Sohal and Rayne Soriano kicked off Nurses Week 2024 with their session in the Illuminations Speaker Series, “Advancing Nursing Excellence: Integrating Academic Progression, Magnet Principles, and the Nursing Professional Practice Model with Purposeful Leadership.” This essential discussion highlights the symbiotic relationship between the Professional Practice Model and Magnet standards, emphasizing their role in enhancing nursing leadership and practice. By exploring how academic progression interlinks with these frameworks, attendees gained strategic insights into elevating patient care and achieving healthcare excellence. This session is a crucial guide for nursing professionals aiming to align their practices with Magnet recognition criteria and advance their leadership journey.

Session 2

On the second day of our Nurses Week Illuminations Series, we were honored to welcome Dr. Katie Boston-Leary for a compelling session on “Fostering Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in Leadership: A Purpose-Driven Approach for Nursing Excellence.” Dr. Boston-Leary’s presentation challenged us to reflect deeply in our professional roles and personal values, asking the poignant question, “Does your role match your soul?” Her insights into avoiding “toxic positivity” and embracing proactive change were particularly impactful, encouraging us to balance optimism with tangible actions. Through her powerful discourse, she reminded us of our fundamental humanity and intrinsic worth beyond mere professional roles. Her affirmation of our essential dignity and the critical role of nurses in healing and nurturing not only ourselves but others truly resonated, leaving us inspired to align more closely with our purpose and continue making a meaningful impact every day.

Session 3

On the third day of our Nurses Week Illuminations Series, we were privileged to host Dr. Ifeoma Nnaji, who presented on “The Transformative Power of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) in Leading with Purpose.” Dr. Nnaji’s session was a compelling blend of personal narratives and professional expertise, illustrating how EBP not only enhances clinical outcomes but also empowers nurses to lead with integrity and compassion. She shared inspiring stories from her own life—triumphs and tribulations—that highlighted the significant impact nurses have on individual lives. Dr. Nnaji’s dedication to integrating EBP with our organizational mission emphasizes caring for patients and communities through scientifically backed methods. Her insights remind us to integrate EBP into our daily practices, advancing our professional standards and profoundly affecting those we serve. Her leadership at our KP Research and Innovation Academy continues to inspire and guide us in fulfilling our roles with purposeful excellence.

Session 4

As we concluded our illuminative Nurses Week 2024 with Dr. Jim D’Alfonso’s session, “Empowering through Caring Science as a Pathway to Purposeful Leadership in Nursing,” we were not just educated but profoundly inspired. Dr. D’Alfonso’s presentation elegantly encapsulated how Caring Science goes beyond conventional nursing practices to deeply connect with our shared humanity. He highlighted that the essence of our work is not in tasks completed, but in the caring moments we create and the significant impact these have on both patients and communities. His compelling call to action urged all healthcare professionals to embrace leadership roles that foster an environment of continuous education and personal growth. This closing session served as a powerful reminder of the deep-seated reasons why we chose our profession and the influence we can wield through empathy, respect, and unwavering commitment. Let us move forward, embodying the principles of Caring Science in our daily interactions and leadership, continually learning and striving for excellence in the service of others.

DateSessionSpeakerSpeaker Series Playback
Monday, May 06
12 p.m. - 1 p.m. PST
Session 1Janet Sohal
Rayne Soriano
Click Here
Tuesday, May 07
12 p.m. - 1 p.m. PST
Session 2Katie Boston-LearyClick Here
Wednesday, May 08
12 p.m. - 1 p.m. PST
Session 3Ifeoma NnajiClick Here
Thursday, May 09
12 p.m. - 1 p.m. PST
Session 4Jim D'AlfonsoClick Here
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